Will Jeaurond

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – Queen’s University

Master’s of Physical Therapy – McMaster University

Born in Ottawa and raised in Apple Hill, Will decided to pursue a career in physiotherapy very early on in his life. Due to his countless sports injuries in elementary and high school, he quickly realized the value of physiotherapy in helping people to rehabilitate from injury and maintain active and healthy lifestyles.

Will graduated high school in Alexandria at GDHS, after which he received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Queen’s University in 2016. After taking a year off to gain some work experience, he moved to Hamilton to complete his Master’s of Physiotherapy at MacMaster University. After all these years he comes back to the Glengarry region to settle down with his fiancée.

Will’s passion stems from a deep love of physical activity and helping people achieve their movement ambitions. He believes in using a combination of manual therapy, exercise and collaborative goal setting in order to optimize the functioning of the body. He wants to help you unlock your full potential and show you the resiliency to which the human body is capable.

Balance is the key to living a healthy life and in his free time, you’ll find Will playing soccer, downhill skiing, long distance running or weightlifting. However, many Friday evenings may just call for a nice relaxing time sharing a lot of laughs with friends.