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Vestibular Rehabilitation / Dizziness

DizinessHow can physiotherapy help my dizziness?

Your doctor or an ear specialist can rule out the more serious causes of dizziness.  Some conditions may require medication or some other from of medical intervention to be controlled.  Chronic dizziness can be caused by an imbalance in the vestibular system (a complex system that includes the eyes, inner ear, various parts of the brain and position sensors in the joints of the body).  Sometimes the different parts of this system can give us mixed messages (like your eyes say you’re not moving but your inner ear says your head is turning) and this can cause dizziness.  A physiotherapist who has been trained in vestibular rehabilitation, like Eric Mageau at Back in Motion, can help to establish what exactly is causing the imbalance and remove it if possible.

Some of the causes of dizziness that can be helped with physiotherapy treatments are:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
  • dizziness from neuritis and labyrinthitis
  • dizziness from the muscular system in conditions like whiplash, neck injuries, postural problems, repetitive or sedentary work postures and physical deconditioning

If the cause of your dizziness can’t be removed, you can often benefit from simple exercises and activities to help the processing centres in your brain learn to ignore the false signals and the dizziness may disappear or decrease to a more manageable level.

So if you have chronic dizziness or ‘benign’ dizziness you may be able to change how you cope with the problem and avoid the pitfalls of inactivity and isolation.

So come in and let us help you get back in motion – without dizziness