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Shockwave therapy


Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive alternative to surgery for those suffering from many chronic joint and tendon disorders. Shockwave sends acoustic shock waves into bone or soft tissue, in effect reinjuring the area on a microscopic level and breaking up the scarring in injured tendons and ligaments. This controlled reinjuring of tissue allows the body to regenerate without the building up more scar tissue. This is because the reinjury is cause at a cellular level or “micro-injury”, therefore not resulting in swelling, bruising and inflammation caused by a less controlled “macro-injury”. This minimizes scar tissue formation in the area.


Many people with soft tissue injuries can benefit from this therapy. Shockwave Therapy provides a safe, non-surgical alternative for those suffering from hip pointers; sacroiliac joint, rotator cuff, elbow, patella and Achilles tendinopathies and plantar fasciitis.

At BACK IN MOTION Dr. Eric Nielsen, DC provides Shockwave therapy using protocols that typically, causes patients to feel less pain after treatment as is not always the case with other treatment protocols. He provides Shockwave at competitive rates. Call today for more information regarding our new shockwave therapy treatment protocols.