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Compression Garments

CompressionCertified Fitters and Compression garment vendors! 

Has your doctor said you need compression garments but they don’t work for you?
  1. The garments from the store just don’t fit you right?
  2. You have tissue changes that make garments uncomfortable?
  3. You have large fluctuations in the size of your limb?
  4. You have weak hands or just can’t get the garment on?
Manon Burelle-Gagnon, Certified fitter and Céline Razeau, Certified Lymphatic Therapist at Back In Motion can help!
Your can be measured for custom garments which will contour difficult areas. Custom garments can also include pull tabs, silicone patches (to help keep the garment in place) or even zippers or Velcro closures.
Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the gold standard of care for lymphedema care and should always be considered to stabilize the size and shape of the limb before fitting for a garment. For example if you have obvious pitting even in the morning, you should consider decongestion before being fitted as the daytime garment will accommodate the existing swelling not effectively reduce it.
For clients needing custom garments, we can also authorize and fit garments through ADP which will cover 75-100% of costs for appropriate chronic lymphedema patients.
If you have tried compression bandaging in the past, and don’t want to use bandaging, you may want to try the new bandaging systems or night garments that are now available. They are made of non-elastic compressive fabric which is adjustable as swelling reduces using Velcro closures and pull tabs for easy use.

We carry the following garment lines : JOBST, Juzo and Medi