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Running Injuries

Running InjuriesAs a runner, you may often feel pain or discomfort with training. When this pain limits your ability to run or to do your other normal activities, rehabilitation is a must.

At Back in Motion, our physiotherapists and chiropractor can assess and treat your injuries and help you get back to running safely.After a race, or when increasing your training, you may have muscle pain and stiffness that would benefit from manual therapy.

At Back in Motion, we have an ART certified provider, Eric Nielsen DC, who can treat your soft tissue pain.Back in Motion is providing a preventative and performance enhancing running fitness clinic for runners of all ages and skill levels.

A specific running assessment with a video analysis will be conducted by a chiropractor in order to determine your physical limitations and understand how they affect your running mechanics. A customized fitness program will be provided in order to address the limitations identified during the assessment.

This knowledge will allow you to maximize your running speed and endurance while minimizing the chance of and severity of future injuries.

As part of the program, you will receive:

  • A running specific fitness assessment
  • A detailed individualized exercise program
  • A video gait analysis
  • Advice to improve running efficiency

Because this is a chiropractor assessment, it will be reimbursed by most insurance companies. It will take 2 visits in total to complete the Running Fitness Clinic. If you have an existing injury, subsequent treatments can be booked.