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Neck pain

Neck PainThere’s nothing like neck pain to turn your day upside down.  It’s a real pain in the neck…  All joking aside, neck pain along with accompanying headaches, shoulder pain and sometimes even arm and hand pain affects a large number of Canadians every year.

Neck pain may be caused by any number of problems from a direct trauma like a fall or a whiplash in a car accident, to a job requiring long hours in less than ideal positions.  You may have been told your neck pain is because of arthritis and you think there’s nothing to be done about it but put up with it and take medication when you need it.

In fact there are many treatments that can help your neck pain in the short term that are offered by the professionals at Back in Motion. The most important thing we will do for you is to figure out what you need to do to avoid the pain or reduce the pain yourself.  This means we will try to find the source of your pain not only treat the symptoms – or what’s sore that day. This may involve asking you to change how you place yourself while at work, at home or even in the car. It may require exercises and posture correction along with the hands on therapy that the professionals at Back in Motion are trained to offer.

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