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Back Pain

back painBack pain is one of the leading causes of lost time at work in Canada.  For those who suffer from back pain, the loss of function can affect their recreational activities, their ability to rest and sleep and their emotional well-being can be strained.  Though most cases of acute back pain resolve quickly (within one month), there is also a high incidence of recurrence.

When it comes to Back Pain, you will see that our philosophy at Back in Motion is that, even though the pain has resolved, if you haven`t figured out and addressed the true source of your pain, you are more likely to have a recurrent problem.  The source of the problem could be a muscle imbalance pulling you out of a good alignment, poor work or leisure postures, problems with flexibility, or weakness… just to name a few.

You can trust Back in Motion to not only treat the symptoms of your back pain but to dig deeper and look for the source of your pain in order to give you a better chance of avoiding the next flare up of pain.